Lingerie for women in India today is no more just a necessity, on the contrary, it is an important fashion accessory that they dream and aspire for. And while there is a growing demand for exclusive international designer inner wear that’s high on the glamour quotient, there is also a growing number of women who want comfort and value.

And while thinkers and marketers continue to ponder over ‘what women want’ Groversons, a brand that designs inner wear, has made it its business to understand women and has created a portfolio of inner wear products that caters to each and every need of today’s women. Because frankly, women want everything.

Sunaina is one such product in its vast portfolio that completely fulfills the aspirations of women. It is a brassiere brand that caters to the needs of women of all age groups, who want to be fashionable, desirable and comfortable but not at the price of value.

This exceptional range epitomises high fashion, and yet, brings a high degree of comfort to make it the ideal everyday wear. Groversons’ luxury designer Sunaina bras are designed to provide great support and the right shape to your bustline so that you look just perfect underneath your clothes, whether its business wear or casuals. Wearing a Sunaina bra will enhance your look, your manner, your personality and the entire aura around you. The visual appeal of a woman wearing Sunaina lingerie is just beyond description. After all, it is this inner confidence that emanates and empowers us to succeed in our personal and professional lives. It provides that seamless silhouette, which enhances that neat and chic look that women desire. Available in a vibrant melange of colours, exquisite fabrics like lace, nets and chiikans, and in trendy styles, Sunaina is crafted to enhance the inner confidence of every woman.

The many qualities that Sunaina epitomizes has ensured a growing demand among college goers and career women of all ages. The brand continues to evolve with new innovations, in design, material and manufacturing techniques. And with a design team comprising of the best brains in the country, you can expect new and attractive trends every season.

So if you’re looking for a brand that gives you everything, Sunaina is your best choice, you’ll see. So who said fashion had to be expensive!